Places that Can Work from Home


Ben Scott, Reporter

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus companies are allowing some or all employees to work from their homes. Some companies across the economy are also considering a permanent shift to remote working in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. Many companies are agreeing that remote work can be very productive, successful, and collaborative. Remote work can also lead to significant benefits for both employers and employees as far as productivity and a better work-life balance.

Of employees working during this pandemic over 75% noted that they are very successful when working from home, 86% say they feel very or even fully productive when working from their homes. Out of 3000 respondents 76% want to keep working from there home at least 2.5 days per week on average. It’s quite obvious employees value being able to work from home as more and more companies decide to switch from only a few days remote to a full time remote. It also seems that job seekers also have a much better chance of finding a job in the ideal work home position.

Adobe, a big known software company that provides solutions for web based applications and also content development. Adobe is well known for its flash technology used in more than 75% of online videos. Adobe has switched the company to working from home as they feel it’s even more productive and possibly even more successful. As the largest retailer in the world Amazon employs over nearly 92,000 employees all over the globe. Not all positions within the Amazon company allow you to work from home but for the ones that do Amazon has allowed them to do so and they can do it up until January 8th 2021 at the least. Another big company that has turned to remote learning is capital one, one of the nations top 10 largest banks provides financial services and different products for consumers and commercial customers. They plan to have people working from home until the end of 2020 at the least.