Cold Weather Moving In


Matthew Redner, Reporter

With cold weather moving in fast this week has surprisingly been on the higher temperatures average in past years. While some weather channels say this year is going to be drastically cold and lots of snow. Some other reporters are saying that it’s going to be a mild winter. Only time will tell us which people are right but either way the Christmas spirit isn’t in full effect until the snow flies. There really is no telling if winter hobbies and activities are still going to be available since Covid is limiting what seems like everything humans like to do. But it is positive that you need to still get outside for fresh air every once in a while. Staying inside is often what leads to people getting sick more often in the winter and cold weather because everyone’s germs are inside a house now. Normally when it’s nice outside people often tend to spend more time outside. Meaning that people’s germ are more likely to not get people sick since you’re outside, with a lot of area to roome. However times like right now are when people need to stay away from each other. This virus is spreading faster through homes than anywhere else. Just in our county Covid rates are up to almost 32 percent. That is 1 in every 3 people almost have the virus. This is the exact reason why people need to follow social distancing rules and wash their hands more than ever before.