Covid-19 Vaccine to be Released


Matthew Redner, Reporter

 According to the CDC website the vaccines will be rolling out before the end of 2020. Obviously there won’t be enough for every adult in America but there will be special sequences of who will get the vaccines first. The army is mandatorily making all enrolled members take the vaccine no matter their opinion, rights, or religious beliefs. The vaccine will be distributed over the US through Operation Warp Speed, they’ve been working closely with vaccine makers since late 2019. The vaccine will be given in orders.

Illinois will be prioritizing in frontline healthcare workers then long term health care places like nursing homes. Teachers will not be the first dosed patients in Illinois. After those people have got the vaccine essential workers, example as teachers will be addressed next. The Pfizer vaccine plans are being released around the US, but some states have different priorities with who gets the vaccine first. 

With the crazy world we’re living in right now, one must be careful what they believe, hear, and read. With so many fake news websites, uninformed people speaking their opinions could make  opinions change  seeing factual information as being  false.