Covid-19 Vaccine


Austin Adams

The first shots of the vaccine made by Pfizer and BioNTech were administered on Monday. Another vaccine made by Moderna is expected to receive emergency authorization from the Food and Drug Administration this week because there is not enough of the vaccine. Officials are also stressing that the past few days have been some of the worst since the pandemic began.

      Officials are saying it could be months before there is enough of the vaccine. Vaccine restraints are making things complicated as the Trump Administration is trying to buy another 100 million doses of the vaccine made by Pfizer. 

      The vaccine made by Moderna is very similar to the one made by Pfizer and could be authorized as early as this week. The vaccine by Pfizer will continue to be administered this week to front line health care workers battling the pandemic.

      “We are engaged in active discussions with Pfizer about exercising options under our contract. We have been working with them on what assistance is appropriate for us to provide in order for us to secure additional doses of the vaccine,” said Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar.

      Both the vaccine made by Pfizer and the vaccine made by Moderna were said to have been highly effective in preventing Covid 19 in clinical trials. Officials are scrambling to find solutions as they said it may be months before enough doses are produced for the population to be vaccinated.

      Wednesday also marked one of the worst days of the coronavirus since the pandemic began. At least 3,600 people reportedly died from the coronavirus on Wednesday across the country. There were also 244,000 new infections which breaks the previous record set last Friday of 236,000. The record for the amount of deaths from Covid was broken by over 500 on Wednesday.