Don Carter Lanes Shooting Aftermath


Evan Mobley, reporter

On December 26, 2020, an armed man walked into Don Carter Lanes bowling alley and started shooting. This shooting would leave three people dead and three people in critical condition. The three who died were 65,69, and 73-year-old men and the wounded consisted of 14,16, and 69-year-olds. The bowling alley was closed due to the covid-19 restrictions but the bar and carry-out were still open. There were around 20-25 people in Don Carter’s at the time. The shooter was identified as 37-year-old Duke Webb. At the time of the shooting Webb was a Florida resident and was an active military member and was a Special-Forces soldier. Webb was found inside after hiding the weapons he used and trying to hide his identity. Webb was taken in custody by Rockford Police and is charged with three counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted first-degree murder. The aftermath of the shooting was as important as it always is in these events. The aftermath helps the victims and sheds light on who the perpetrator is. The commander of the 7th special forces group Colonel John W. Sannes issued a statement condoling the families of the victims and stated that the U.S. Army and the Rockford Police were working together. A go fund me page was created shortly after the shooting for the victims and the Illinois Bank & Trust made a victim relief fund to help pay what needed to be paid for the families of the victims and to the victims.